Biyovent | Mechanical Ventilator

Biyovent ICU Ventilator makes a difference in the ventilation process with its unique specifications. Prepared for mass production in cooperation with Arçelik, Baykar and Aselsan.

BiO2Flow | High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Breaking ground in HFO therapy with its innovative features, Bio2Flow breathes a new life to traditional HFO devices with its stylish design and easy-to-use structure that emphasizes functionality.


Obogs is the system that enables aircraft to produce their own oxygen during flight, and it increases the oxygen concentration by holding the nitrogen gas passing through, via the Zeolite material acting as a molecular sieve.

BioSCOPE | Neuromonitor

BioSCOPE, intraoperative neuro-monitorization is essential for eliminating or minimizing the neurologic damages. Neuro-monitorization enables to assess the functional integrity of the neural structures under the risk of damage.

BioAQUA | Humidifier

BioAQUA attracts attention by its portable and easy interface as well as high protection feature. It comes into prominence by its high humidifying capacity and external nebulization inlet.

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