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Excellent Technology for Health

As Biosys, we started our journey in Ankara in 2012, as engineers with R&D knowledge and doctors with high field experience, in order to create solutions for the shortcomings in the healthcare industry, with the awareness that everyone has the right to access healthcare services. Since the first day we set out, we have been closely examining the needs and deficiencies of the industry, and working to meet these needs by producing new generation medical technologies. In order to realize the dream of a world, where everyone can access healthcare services of good quality, we materialize the ideas that we produce in our R&D center. As Biosys, we design medical products using advanced technologies in the light of science, conducting our work in detail with the sensitivity and awareness of working in the healthcare industry, and we manufacture our products safely. We believe that it is everyone’s right to access safe and high-quality medical products manufactured with advanced technology, and we go beyond borders so that everyone can easily access our medical products, which were produced meticulously.

Our Milestones

The first concept of a ventilator is introduced by Cemal Erdoğan, he initial Biyovent studies began as a conceptualization. ( The first ventilator idea)

Biosys was established with a team of expert doctors and engineers in the field. The company secured support from TGSD ( Teknogirişim Sermayesi Desteği ) milestone in its journey ( Biosys Establishment, TGSD Support)

Engineers and researchers work on developing the first version of Biyovent, combining engineering precision with clinical principles. (Biyovent version 1.0)

Biosys received support from KOSGEB, enabling continued research and development efforts focused on Biyovent. The company initiated work on version 2.0, signaling a commitment to advancing and improving their innovative Biyovent technology. (KOSGEB Support)

The Biyovent version 2.0 was launched by our team. Biosys established its office in Bilkent Cyberpark (Biyovent Version 2.0 , Bilkent Cyberpark)

Our Biyovent project received approval from TÜBİTAK, and with the support of TÜBİTAK, our team commenced the development of Biyovent 3.0. (TÜBİTAK Support)

The launch of Biyovent version 3.0 marked a culmination of relentless efforts and dedication. Following meticulous clinical trials and incorporating valuable feedback from real-world applications, our team diligently refined and upgraded the Biyovent technology. The ventilator’s commitment to meeting the highest standards was underscored by achieving the prestigious CE certification. ( Version 3.0 , Biyovent 3.0 CE Certification)

Our inaugural order for Biyovent materialized, marking a significant achievement, accompanied by our first successful export. Concurrently, we initiated research and development endeavors for OBOGS and transport ventilators. (First Order, First Export, OBOGS Studies, Transport Ventilator Studies)

The concept of a Neuromonitor was conceived by our R&D team, marking a noteworthy milestone. Simultaneously, this year saw the inception of the first steps in our research and development efforts for swallowable capsule technology (Neuromonitor Preliminary Studies, Capsule Studies)

The serial production of Biyovent 3.0 commenced in collaboration with strategic partnerships. Simultaneously, rapid efforts were initiated for the development of a humidifier and a high-flow oxygen therapy device. As part of our expansion, we relocated to our new home at ODTÜ Teknokent. ( Biyovent 3.0 Serial Production, Humidifier Studies, ODTÜ Teknokent)

While our Neuromonitor project was ongoing, significant milestones were achieved as our humidifier, Neuromonitor, and high-flow oxygen therapy device obtained CE certification. Furthermore, we successfully transitioned to the serial production of our High-Frequency Oxygen Therapy (Bio2Flow) device, marking another stride in our commitment to delivering innovative and certified medical solutions. ( Neuromonitor Studies, Humidifier , Neuromonitor and HFO CE Certification,HFO Serial Production)

Initiating the groundwork for the establishment of factory in Batman, we have embarked on comprehensive efforts and studies for this expansion. This move underscores our commitment to fostering growth, enhancing production capabilities, and contributing to the local economy in Batman. ( Factory Development)

We have transitioned into the serial production phase for both our humidifier device and Neuromonitor ( Humidifier Serial Production, Neuromonitor Serial Production)

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Health is the most fundamental right in the life and it is sacred. Medical devices that require advanced technology should be accessible to everyone across the globe.

As Biosys, we embrace the idea that technological culture resembles a flag race, and we aim to carry that flag to the highest level. In line with this ideal, we want to deliver high-tech medical devices to every human being in the world, and keep them alive and healthy.


Creating new technologies and systems by continuously carrying out innovative R&D studies in areas, where health and engineering intersect, making investments in production and infrastructure and generating fair profit rates, with an unlimited respect for nature, science and people, in order to ensure that everyone can access the advanced technology, developing and implementing advanced management systems beyond universal quality processes, building hardworking, enthusiastic and creative human resources by supporting the young architects of the future. We are endeavouring with our best to achieve our goals.

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Research and Development

research and development

Advanced Technology

We develop new generation medical technologies for global needs.

Detailed Studies

We carry out meticulous and deep studies for every detail of our products.

Safe Production

We produce medical solutions with our effective and safe production approach.