High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device

High Technology Meets with Safe Production

High-flow oxygen therapy provided by BiO2Flow reduces the probability of patients being intubated. It also allows the patient to be treated without the need for intensive care. Thanks to the product developed after long R&D processes and by analyzing the needs of the health sector, the desired level of oxygen therapy can be provided to the patient.


Integrated Humidifier and Battery

Bio2flow can work hours without being connected to any power source.


Integrated Nebulizer

Thanks to Bio2Flow’s integrated nebulizer, medication can be administered to the patient without interrupting high-flow oxygen therapy.


Precise FiO2 Adjustment

You can easily make precise flow adjustments during high-flow oxygen therapy.


Flow Rate up to 100 LPM

You can quickly and safely achieve the highest flow rate level.

High Flow, Effective Therapy

Breaking ground in HFO therapy with its innovative features, Bio2Flow breathes a new life to traditional HFO devices with its stylish design and easy-to-use structure that emphasizes functionality.

One Device, Two Functions

Bio2Flow’s internal nebulizer allows medication to be administered while the patient is receiving high flow oxygen therapy. Both oxygenation and medication of the patient are fulfilled by just breathing. In this way, there is no interruption or reduction in oxygen treatment.