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Join Biosys, your dedicated health partner, on a journey.” Founded in Ankara in 2012, the combination of R&D expertise and medical experience drives us to the forefront of global healthcare solutions. Our ongoing commitment to innovation knows no boundaries, from cutting-edge ventilators to needed consumables. 

Biosys works beyond geographical boundaries to offer modern medical technology to every part of this world, based on a vision in which health is a universal right. 

Step into the future with Biosys, where we are not just creating innovation, but also defining a society in which innovative healthcare is a right for everyone.”

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Medical Equipment Portfolio for Optimal Patient Care

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Medical Equipment Portfolio for Optimal Patient Care

You may find a range of cutting-edge medical equipment in our extensive portfolio. We currently provide nearly all areas of healthcare, from our cutting-edge mechanical ventilator to our humidifier with nebulization function, high-flow oxygen therapy device, and our newest creation, the cutting-edge neuro-monitoring device. We are everywhere, be it in pediatric and neonatal critical care units, general surgery and otolaryngology operating rooms, or intensive care units

Our advanced ventilation technology and user-friendly interface for critical care equipment enable optimally efficient healthcare management across a range of environments.

  • Ventilator
  • High-Flow-Oxygen Therapy Device
  • Humidifier
  • Neuro-monitoring device
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