Built-in Continuous Oxygen
Production System

Native Respiratory Technology in the Skies

The system, which enables OBOGS aircraft to produce its own oxygen during flight, increases the oxygen concentration by keeping the nitrogen gas passing through it, through the Zeolite material that functions as a molecular sieve.


Space Saving Product

It doesn’t Need Stock and Warehouse Maintenance


2000 Hours Operating Time Without Maintenance

It has no daily service requirements and scheduled preventive maintenance takes place in 2000 hours.


Oxygen Production Without Storage

It does not need storage and transportation, it produces oxygen from its environment.


Maximum Safety in a Pressure Caused Accident

There is no potential for accidents from high pressure gases.


The Peak Point of Respiratory Technology

How Does OBOGS Work?

The oxygen concentration of the air leaving the OBOGS unit is constantly monitored and its operation is adjusted to remain within certain physiological limits. Monitoring and monitoring is performed using paramagnetic oxygen sensing technology. The monitor is divided in such a way that failure of the controller and the concentration sensing element cannot endanger the security of the system. In the event of a fault, it reaches the maximum setting. There are active protocols in case of failure inside the OBOGS unit.