Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator Device

High Technology Meets with Safe Production

Biyovent ICU Ventilator makes a difference in the ventilation process with its unique specifications. Biyovent ICU Ventilator, has been carefully thought with every detail of the ventilators and developed with a holistic approach. Prepared for mass production in cooperation with Arçelik, Baykar and Aselsan. It adds value to ventilation technology with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes such as high flow oxygen therapy and integrated nebulizer, and adaptable structure for different patient groups.

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Invasive and Non - Invasive Ventilation

It helps healthcare professionals to
reach the information they need and provide the opportunity to choose between Non-Invasive and Invasive Ventilation.


Integrated Nebulizer


You can apply medication without interrupting the ventilation process with integrated nebulizer.


High Flow Oxygen Therapy and N-CPAP

Thanks to Biyovent’s advanced software and hardware, it provides N-CPAP and HFO Therapy methods at the same time.


Suitable for Pediatric, Adult and Newborn (Optional) Patients

It provides advantages to the patient and the doctor for the most effective treatment.


Defining Personalized Treatment

With every detail designated from design to hardware, from software to technology and developed with a holistic approach, it adds value to health with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes, and adaptable structure to different patient groups.

Convenient Design for New Generation ICU Ventilators

Biyovent ICU Ventilator’s set-up is quick and easy with its three-piece structure. Thanks to its ergonomic design consisting of the foot, support and main body parts connected to the screen, it allows for an easy set-up, which allows its parts to be connected with each other with eight screws, works quickly in a solution-oriented manner, thanks to its simplified set-up system rather than a complex configuration during device set-up.

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biyovent icu ventilator

Comparison Chart

The table below compares mechanical ventilators from various brands with the Biyovent version 3.0. The table is prepared to help you make your decision more easily.

Method of UseAdult Pediatric | NeonatalAdult Pediatric | NeonatalAdult Pediatric | NeonatalAdult Pediatric | Neonatal
Screen Specifications15" TFT Color
15" TFT Color Screen12" TFT Color Screen12" TFT Color Screen
Run Time During Power Outage (minutes)120 min85 min30 minX
Tidal Volume20-3000 ml (adult)
2-3000 ml (neonate)
100-2000 ml (adult)
2-50 ml (neonate)
100-3000 ml (adult)
2-100 ml (neonate)
20-2000 ml (adult)
2-2000 ml (neonate)
Inspiratory Pressure or Pressure Control2-100 CmH2O1 - 98 cm H2O 1-95 Mbar5 -60 cmH2O
Inspiration Time0.1 - 10 sn0.1 - 10 sn0.1 - 10 sn0.1 - 12 sn
Oxygen Inlet Pressure2 - 7 Bar2.4 - 6.5 Bar3 - 6 Bar2.8 - 6 Bar
Volume-controlled modes, adaptive pressureP-PSV,P-Bilevel,P-CMV,PCV,PRVC,SIMV,P-ACV,ARPV,SAVA/C PC, SIMV,NIVPC-SIMV,PC-BIPAP,PC-AC,PC-CMV,PC-APRV,PC-PSVAPVcmv / (S)CMV+
Pressure-controlled modesSIMV PC,SIMV PRVC,BiLevel,BiLevel VG,APRV,CPAP,Ncpap SPN-CPAP/PS, SPN-CPAP/VS,
CPAP,Ncpap,Bi-Vent APRV,BiLevel

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