Ventilator Compatible Humidifier

Next Generation of ICU Type Humidifier

Bioaqua humidifier is a medical device used in the respiratory tract treatment of critically ill patients. This device performs the functions of humidifying and heating the inhalation gas to prevent damage to the respiratory epithelium from cold and dry medical gases. During invasive, non-invasive mechanical ventilation, and HFO therapy provided by a ventilator, Bioaqua humidifier heats and humidifies the gas in the inspiration line to fulfill this function. Additionally, it offers advanced treatment capabilities with its integrated nebulizer, distinguishing it from other humidifiers.

bioaqua | ventilator compatible humidifier
bioaqua | ventilator compatible humidifier
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3 Different Modes And Offers Flexible Options For Each Mode

It automatically provides the appropriate temperature levels for three different modes and offers flexible options for each mode.

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Internal Inlet of the Nebulizer

Thanks to the internal inlet of the nebulizer, it also allows medication during treatment.


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Double Line Heating with Advanced Safety

It has been developed with full safety measures against all possible malfunctions in the heating process.

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Visual and Audible Alarms

Both auditory and visual alarm system offers you convenience in all possible situations.

bioaqua | ventilator compatible humidifier
bioaqua | ventilator compatible humidifier

ICU Type Humidifier (Bioaqua)

Medical instrumentation that is used for treatment in the respiratory tract in critically illpatients prevents the patient from performing inhaledgas humidification and heating functions. Bioaqua humidifier prevents cold and dry medical gases from damaging the respiratory epithelium during invasive and noninvasive mechanical ventilation by heating and humidifying the gas in the inspiration line.

The Most Functional Use of Technology

  • The suitable temperature ranges defined for the 3 different modes are as follows:
    Invasive Mode: Temperature range of 35°C-40°C
    Non-invasive Mode: Temperature range of 30°C-35°C
    High Flow Therapy Mode: Temperature range of 30°C-37°C
  • According to the treatment method, there are 3 different easy temperature adjustment options: invasive, non-invasive, and HFO.
  • The integrated nebulizer provides the possibility to administer medication at 3 different speeds for treatment.
  • It is suitable for use by all patient groups.
  • All alarms are indicated audibly and visually.
  • Protection against overheating is provided.
  • It can be used with a dual-line heating circuit.
  • Due to its ergonomic design, the interface is easily visible and adjustable.
  • It is equipped with a control system for patient safety.
  • The flow sensor technology detects flow interruption and ensures safety.
  • It is suitable for use with ventilators.
bioaqua | ventilator compatible humidifier

Comparison Chart

The table below compares ICU Humidifiers from various brands with the BioAqua (Ventilator Compatible Humidifier). The table is prepared to help you make your decision more easily.

TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH
TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH
TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH
CE 0197 - EAC - IEC 60950
RULERule 11Rule 11Rule 11Rule 11Rule 11Rule 11
IP DegreeIP 21IPX1 IPX1 IPX1 IPX1 IP 21
WEIGHT2.1 kg2.8 kg2.28 kg2.5 kg1.9 kg2.5 kg
SCREEN3.5 inch touchscreen and control buttonThere digit 14mm 7 segment LEDtouchscreenPanel Digital Display and control buttons2.8" TFT and control buttons3 in / 64 × 128 pixels -Control buttons
DEVICE DIMENSIONS208 mm x 224 mm x 164 mm x 20,095 cm 140mm x 173mm x 135mm (without chamber fitted)240 mm x 253 mm x 154 mm135mm(W)×155mm(D)×145mm(H)204mm x 150 mm x 159 mm18 cm (7.1 in) × 16 cm (6.3 in) × 19 cm (7.5 in)
SUPPLY FREQUENCY50Hz - 60 Hz50Hz - 60 Hz50Hz - 60 Hz50Hz - 60 Hz50Hz - 60 Hz50Hz - 60 Hz
SUPPLY VOLTAGE230 V AC220 VA230 V AC240 V AC220-240V220 – 240 V 50/60 Hz 110 / 127 V
FLOW RATE Intubation Mode: 2- 60L/m; Mask Mode: 2-120L/mIntubation Mode: 60l/min; Mask Mode: 120l/min; Intubation Mode: 60L/m; Mask Mode: 120L/m;5L/min to 25L/minInvasive mode: 5 to 60l/min; non invasive mode: 5 to 120l/minInvaziv: 60 l/min Noninvaziv: 120 l/min HiFlow: 120 l/min
PATIENT TYPENeonatal, Pediatric and AdultNeonatal, Pediatric and AdultNeonatal, Pediatric and AdultChild and adultAdult and ChildNeonatal, Adult and Pediatric
Temperature Probe10 — 70 °C Accuracy ± 3 (within 25 — 45 °C temperature range)10 to 70 °C Accuracy ± 0.3 °C (in 25 to 45 °C temperature range) Recommended ambient temperature setting is 18-26 °C. Accuracy ± 3 (within 25 — 45 °C temperature range)Temperature range 18℃ to 26℃Probes of temperature-humidity data cable detection range: 0-150℃, Accuracy:±0.5℃(in 20-45℃ temperature range)near-patient:30°C - 40°C Chamber: 28°C - 43°C
HUMIDITYInvasive: >33mg/L, HFO Mode: 10 mg/L Non-invasive >12mg/LInvasive mode: >33 mg/L, non-invasive mode: 10 mg/L Intubation Mode: 33 mg/L, Mask Mode: 10 mg/LBetween 40-80%15-93% RH non-condensing, invasive mode: 33 mg/l, noninvasive mode: 10mg/LInvazive: 37°C -41°C'lik min 33 mg H2O/l Noninvazive: 31°C- 35°C min 12 mg H2O/l HiFlow: Flow ≤ 60 l/min ,min 33 mg H2O/l Flow > 60 l/min, min12 mg H2O/l
TEMPERATURE SETTINGbetween 30°C to 40°C + off, 11 different temperature level : Invasive mode: 35 °C- 40°C Non-Invasive mode: 30°C - 35°C HFO mode: 30°C - 37°Cinvasive mode= chamber: 35.5 - 42°C, airway: 35- 40°C non-invasive= chamber: 31 - 36°C, airway 28 - 34°C Intubation Mode; Water Tank: 35.5-420°C By Air: 35-400°C Mask Mode; Water Tank: 31-360°C Airline: 28-340°CTest working Temperature: 18℃ ~ 26℃ Temperature of inlet gas: 18 ℃ ~ 26 ℃.Invasive Mode: Patient side: 35-40℃, Default 39℃. Noninvasive Mode: Patient side: 30-37℃, Default 34℃ Accuracy:±0.5℃(in 20-45℃ temperature range).10°C to 40°C (operation), -20°C to 60°C (storage) Recommended ambient temperature: 18°C to 26°C
SHELF LIFE10 Years7 yearsno shelf lifeno shelf lifeno shelf lifeno shelf life
CALIBRATION STATUS1 per year1 per year1 per year1 per year1 per year1 per year
TYPE OF PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRİC SHOCKClass 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1
SIDE EFFECT The device has no known side effects.The device has no known side effects.The device has no known side effects.The device has no known side effects.The device has no known side effects.The device has no known side effects.
WARM-UP TIMEless than 30 minutesless than 30 minutes< 30 minno information≤25 minless than 30 minutes
ALARM PARAMETERSLow Temperature Alarm, High Temperature Alarm, Temperature Probe Not Plugged Alarm, Breathing Circuit Not Plugged Alarm, Chamber Not Connected Alarm, Nebulizer not Connected Alarm, Overheat alarm, Flow alarmChamber Empty Alarm, high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, chamber or airway probe alarm with probe connector alarm, heater wire alarm,operational alarmsThe disconnection alarm,No water alarm, The Low Temperatur alarm,The High Temperature alarm,The Cartridge Disconnection alarm, The Tube Fault alarm, The Out of Range alarm,The Service Required alarm,The Cartridge Authentication alarm.High-temperature alarm and protection cut-off function High temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, low humidity alarm, Over-filled chamber alarm, Dry humidification chamber alarm, wrong installation chamber alarm, Lower limit of gas level alarm.Low Temperature Alarm, High Temperature Alarm, Chamber Not Connected Alarm,Water level high in chamber alarm,Water level low in chamber alarm,Check left or right limb alarm, Check water chamber, Humidifier tilt alarm.
Has NIV,INV,HFO and free parameter settingXXXX
Universal ChamberXXNo informationX
Ergonomic and intuitive user interfaceXXX