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Intensive Care Type
Mechanical Ventilator Device

Biyovent ICU Ventilator makes a difference in the ventilation process with its unique specifications. Biyovent ICU Ventilator, has been carefully thought with every detail of the ventilators and developed with a holistic approach. Prepared for mass production in cooperation with Arçelik, Baykar and Aselsan. It adds value to ventilation technology with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes such as high flow oxygen therapy and integrated nebulizer, and adaptable structure for different patient groups.


Ventilator Compatible Humidifier

Bioaqua humidifier is a medical device used in the respiratory tract treatment of critically ill patients. This device performs the functions of humidifying and heating the inhalation gas to prevent damage to the respiratory epithelium from cold and dry medical gases. During invasive, non-invasive mechanical ventilation, and HFO therapy provided by a ventilator, Bioaqua humidifier heats and humidifies the gas in the inspiration line to fulfill this function. Additionally, it offers advanced treatment capabilities with its integrated nebulizer, distinguishing it from other humidifiers.


Intraoperative Neuromonitor Device

Bioscope intraoperative neuromonitor is essential for eliminating or minimizing the neurologic damages. Neuro-monitorization enables to assess the functional integrity of the neural structures under the risk of damage. It is a system that helps the surgeon for the purpose of protecting the patient health by monitoring visually and aurally the nerves under risk during bioscope thyroid, parathyroid, hand and face surgery.


High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device

Bio2flow, which breaks new ground in High Flow Oxygen Therapy with its innovative features, shows its difference with its ergonomic design and easy usage. Thanks to its structure that emphasizes functionality; it can be used not only in hospitals but also in home care situations without the need for a healthcare professional. High flow oxygen therapy provided by Bio2flow reduces the probability of patients being intubated. It also allows the patient to be treated without the need for intensive care. Thanks to the product developed after long R&D processes and by analyzing the needs of the health sector, the desired level of oxygen therapy can be provided to the patient.

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